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Star Wars Trilogy DVD Auto-Updating Dash and XBE booting from video DVD
>> The 'StarWars Trilogy DVD' (video/movie DVD) has an 'Extra Special Features Disc'. If you try to launch this on your Xbox it will automaticly update your dashboard ... NO confirmation will be asked. The bonus disc has extra features including a documentary on the star wars saga, footage from the making of all three films and a preview demo of the new 'StarWars Battlefront' Xbox game (that's why there's a default.xbe, dashupdate.xbe and update.xbe on the disc).
This information can be important for some people with older bioses (booting xboxdash.xbe), people using exploits or simply those who don't want their dash upgraded.

Can be interesting to analyse this disc a bit too as it's no 'normal' Xbox DVD ... it's a video DVD(9?) with an default.xbe booting on an unmodded Xbox. Certainly interesting for further research by the exploit people.
Some info about the disc posted by PedrosPad on forums.xbox-scene.com:
The entire “Star wars Battlefront game demo” is contained within the single 171MB default.xbe on the Extras DVD in the DVD-Video box set (no other files are needed).
Evox identifies the disk as a Video, not a Game - interestingly.
You can copy this to your HDD, Evox launches it, and it runs fine.
When the huge default.xbe is launched, it actually unpacks the game proper from itself into separate files on one of the cache drives (X:, Y:, or Z:).

PS. The unpacked files, including their 2MB default.xbe don't work if copied out of the cache, to drive F: say.
UPDATE: The Hulk also has a 2nd Bonus disc with Xbox content on it. It's also a video DVD with a default.xbe booting on a unmodded Xbox. No font files on the DVD.
More info soon.

There's a discussion thread about it on the Xbox-Scene forums.
Thanks to Legueux of gueux.net for the original star wars disc news.
(September 23 01:17 CEST) - (direct link to article)
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