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xboxhdm v.1.7
>> A new version of xboxhdm(info) has been released. What's new/fixed:
What's new/fixed:
* A new boot option (option 3) will bring you to a mini-linux with locking tools that will lock and unlock HDD's with the password generated directly from the eeprom.
Two commands are available :
-unlockhd, will search the xboxhd CD for the eeprom.bin image. If not found you have the option to insert a floppy with the eeprom or define the path manually. If the eeprom is supplied the tool will unlock and disable locking using a password generated directly from the eeprom.
-lockhd, will search the xboxhd CD for the eeprom.bin image and likewise lets you tell the tool where to find the image if it wasn't included on the CD. When locking the password is also generated from the eeprom. Moreover the Master Password is also set to 'XBOXSCENE' (without the quotes). You can use this to unlock the HDD if you loose the user password (the one the xbox uses) or if your eeprom gets lost. Boot the xboxhdm to DOS (option 4) and run the atapwd tool to unlock using Master passwords.
* Separated the UDE installer completely from xboxhdm. This allows updates of the softmod package independently from xboxhdm. Something I should have done long ago.

Official Site: n/a, by Ldots
Download: here
News-Source: xbins.org
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