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Halo2 trailer: ilovebees.com speculations
>> From Sgt. Tard on halomods.com:
Well, this is a wierd one... Remember the theatrical trailer for Halo 2 (look back down a few posts)? Well, someone discovered that in the very end, the Xbox.com logo actually changes for a split second into another url - ilovebees.com. Now, let me tell you that what you are about to see will confuse the living hell out of you... If you go to http://ilovebees.com/ , A message pops up that something inside the system is degenerating it - a virus or other proggie. But, if you looked closely at the "SYSTEM PERIL DISTRIBUTED REFLEX", you would notice that those first letters can also spell something else - "Single Player Demo Release". Yep, we believe that on August 24, 2004, at 00:06, A Demo of Halo 2's Single Player Experience will be made available. There are also other allusions to other dates (on the 27th, "network throttling will erode", possibly AKA "beta-testing will finish", and on the 10th, "this medium will metastasize", possibly AKA "Copies will start being made"), and a whole barrage of other extremely odd clues ("Seek the truth, Behold the truth, Reveal the truth, That is the law and the whole of the law").

Now seeing as Halo 1 had a massive amount of bible references, we can only assume that that is the source for all of these wierd clues, so I whipped over to http://crosswalk.com/ to search thru the bible for clues, I think this might be a The Da Vinci Code-type clue system set up by Bungie. I had no luck, but you guys might...

You can also read more about it on halomods.com, games.slashdot.org or bungie.net
(July 26 00:09 CEST) - (direct link to article)
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