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Modding Mayhem 2004
>> Just got the report in that Modding Mayhem 2004 was a success. A number of XS Staff and other XS members gathered for what was the first inaugeral Modding Mayhem Event.


Held in South Burlinton, VT, it ran from Friday night till this Sunday morning with NoRemorse, deadfukkr, Metalb00, Turncoat, Leftyfb attending. Due to scheduling issues other who were expected were unable to attend.

Reports from those who attended show that modding wasn't the only thing going on.. as Friday was spent raising beer and hell in the local bar district. Followed by hangover remedies and 12 hours of nonstop Xbox modding.

Sponsored by Mad-Modder.com and OzXodus. Future events may be held pending sponsors and interest.

To view the people and fun had by all that attended check out the album of photos at Modding Madness 2004

Do you have an Xbox Scene gathering coming up? Take pictures of the event and show off your modding fun. Have at least 5 people show up, show us what you did, give us some details.. and please wear an Xbox Scene T-Shirt. (I'm much more likely to post these human interest stories if you show off your X-Scene T-Shirt. Contact me (HSDEMONZ) on the site or in the channel if you got something to show off. We won't guarantee a news post.. but if it was interesting.. we'll do what we can. :)
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