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Chihiro Hardware Sega Games Running On Xbox
>> The Hardware...
From www.system16.com

System : X-Box based configuration.
CPU : Intel Pentium III 733MHz (133MHz FSB)
Graphics : nVidia XChip 200MHz (based on the nVidia GeForce 3)
Sound Hardware :
1. Cirrus Logic CS4630 Stream Processor (20-bit DAC, programmable to handle 3D sound streams, 2D sound (including DLS-compatible MIDI), MP3 acceleration, Sensaura environmental effects, and other functions)
2. Other sounds may be generated by the CPU via software engines.
3. nVidia nForce (Real time Dolby Digital 5.1 encoding)
RAM : Upgradable Module, from 64MB upwards (Outrun 2 has 512MB)
Media : Sega GD-Rom
Polygons : 125M Polys/sec (Theoretical Maximum)
Rendering Speed : 4.0 G pixel/sec
Features : Programmable vertex and pixel shading, hardware Transform & Lighting engine, Quincunx FSAA, Anisotropic filtering, bump mapping, hardware lighting, particle effects, other standard 3D features).

Crazy Taxi High Roller, Ollie King, Outrun 2, The House of the Dead III, Virtua Cop 3

Sammaza from Xbox-Scene writes..
[QUOTE]...after many attempts at dumping the gd-rom from the arcade machine....we were able to get the 908Megs of info dumped!!
SURPRISE! it has default.xbe

It's just an xbox game!! made x-iso with Q-wix... and booted straight up!!

... the funny thing is that in the crazy taxi III dump... they have "back" button as coin button... lol... just like mame... it uses the triggers and d-pad just like the retail xbox version does... plays fine from hdd/avalaunch, service switch is start button.

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Thanks to Iriez for the news.
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