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XLink Kai For Osx, Linux, Bsd, Xdk Etc - UI developers required
>> From flat235/TheDaddy on forums.xbox-scene.com:
The Kai engine is getting close to completion - so it's time for us to start to look at other platforms. As the engine is seperated from the UI, it's possible for us to begin work on UI's for other platforms, and just use win32 as the engine platform for the time being - eventually we will port the Kai engine to these other platforms, then win32 wont be required at all ... ive put together a quick FAQ on how this will work.

If you can help the XLink(info) Team to create a UI for other platforms, go here for more info.
(January 31 17:03 GMT+1) - (direct link to article)
(Posted by:: XanTium)

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