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XDev closed doors
>> From XB0X_Mod on xcover.xodus-chip.com:
Hey all today unfortunetly I have to close the doors for XDev projects.
Unfortunetly I will loose my Internet connection to broadband, sorry to you all to tell you, but If lucky, I'm sure this site will resume and so forth it's projects and If lucky we can work on them while we are not online. Nice note... 21860 hits since launch... unique.

We were shortly going to release a new version of XCover(info) v1.9 with alot of new features but it has now stopped for these reasons named above.

I'm sorry everyone who supported us, I hope the current version XCover v1.8.x will help you all make your covers and our other projects live on with other coders, the source is still online and freely availible.

We'd like to thank The Xodus Team, so much for their help throughout the whole of developments. And would like to congratulate them on this occasion for there recent merge with Oz x chip team.

Good luck to all 4th generation mod's and I still hope, that maybe we'll be on a sample list for team x-ecuters forth coming X-ecuter 3 which I will say looks very very good. Aswell as X3 Coming im very sure that OzXodus are pushing away with the latest and first 4th generation design and I wish them the best of luck and I hope that you succeed In the 4th gen market.

Also good luck to SmartXX and DMS3 team, I have not ever used or seen any of there work before apart from DMS's ps2 modchip which I can say is by far the best, thank you aswell DMS3 for bringing the ps2 scene to a much better standard. I'd also like to thank [G-a-z], Xantium, Everyone at LumbraX, Xodus Team, Xecuter Team. and everyone else that has helped me or done things for me that shows really how respectful these people are, also not to forget but hopefully he'll read this one day, iMURDERER, some people may not like you that much, but whoever has grudges against each other in this scene I can do nothing about, thank you for your help when I was a n00b I owe you alot. and to everyone who I didn't mention I thank you to you know who you are xbins, all the respectful people in this scene, Good luck you guys thank you for such a great time I'm gonna miss this scene thanks again and goodluck to everyone!

Official Site: http://xcover.xodus-chip.com
(February 4 04:49 GMT+1) - (direct link to article)
(Posted by:: XanTium)

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