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New modchip announced: 'X-CHIP'
>> Easybuy2000.com has announced they will produce a new Xbox modchip soon.
So far these are the details we have (taken from their product description):
This new chip has 4Mb of Flash memory and 2Mb of extra SRAM! We are going to upgrade all pre-orders of the Cham2 for the new X-CHIP. If you ordered the Cham2 with an adapter, your X-CHIP will come with one as well.

Unlock the power of your XBOX! The new X-CHIP includes 4Mb of Flash memory, 2Mb of extra SRAM and is USB and CPLD programmable! The Solderless Adapter is compatible with all versions of XBOX.

Main features:
* 4Mb of Flash Memory
* 2Mb extra SRAM
* USB Programmable
* CPLD Programmable
* Solderless Adaptor (optional) is compatible with all versions of XBOX

With Adapter: $65.00
Without Adapter: $54.00

Thanks to oblox for finding this news.
(February 28 17:58 GMT+1) - (direct link to article)
(Posted by:: XanTium)

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