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OzXodus Cromwell sources released
>> From ozxodus.com:
As per the GPL requirements, we are publishing our Cromwell(info) source code. Please find below notes from our programming crew.

These sources are for the Cromwell derivative bootloader only. Cromwell is a bootloader, written under GPL by the xbox-linux team to load linux. We have modified it so that instead of loading and executing a linux kernel, it loads and executes the Xenium OS(info) environment.

The Xenium OS itself, and the XUI Menu system, are separate entities from the Crowmell derived loader. As they contain no GPL code, and are a separate binary, they are not considered a derived work, and are therefore not susceptible to GPL.

Official Site: http://www.ozxodus.com
Download: here
(February 24 04:22 GMT+1) - (direct link to article)
(Posted by:: XanTium)

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