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Xecuter3 Update
>> From teamxecuter.com:
After a long development process and the first announcement of features on December 5th we are pleased to tell you that the X3 project is nearing completion. The first beta versions of the mod are now in hand with final testing taking place. In the next week or so we will be shipping the beta mod to a selected few to help with final adjusments to the design ready for a "final" beta and the big launch.

As you can see from the feature list on the previous news post this is a massive advancement in the way current mods work giving you features not available on any other mod for the Xbox.

Four weeks from feature announcement to final beta stage - not bad at all :)

We hope to have some pictures for you in the next day or so - we're just in the middle of optimizing the PCB design.

Have a great new year !

PS we notice Windows CE is now running with limited capability on the Xbox. Thats great news - now all we need is fully functional networking so you can hook up the Xbox to the Gamecubes BBA - now thats irony ;)
(December 30 23:06 GMT+1) - (direct link to article)
(Posted by:: XanTium)

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