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New Xbox Live Detection found
>> From hamtitampti on the SmartXX Forums:
Team SmartXX is proud to present: The new secret Xbox-live detection code

Xbox Live is now checking each Xbox to see if the hard drive has been replaced. If your hard drive is any different than the one it came with, you will be banned, even if your new hard drive is locked.

This file is a disassembly of Xbox Live's security code as of today (March 6, 2004), and it shows that Microsoft is directing Xboxes to send their hard drives' identification back to Microsoft.

You can get the disassembly code on smartxx.com.

Note: At this moment I don't know if Microsoft is already really banning users. They might just collect this HDD-information for 'internal use'. Several people on the forums report they have been on live the last few days with a bigger HD and haven't been banned, but Microsoft sometimes takes a few days before enforcing a ban. More news about this detection soon ...
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Thanks to HoRnEyDvL for the news.
(March 7 01:23 GMT+1) - (direct link to article)
(Posted by:: XanTium)

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