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Warning From OzXodus
>> News from http://www.ozxodus.com:
These are the kinds of posts that we really don’t like making, but we promised quality and service and we feel that it is our duty to warn all our loyal dealers, distributors and of course the end users and fans out there about some really disturbing findings that have recently been brought to our attention.

Certain unscrupulous dealers are offering “Xenium” chips at ridiculously low prices. (see listing below) We have complete control of our own original stock and pricing and therefore know that this pricing structure is impossible to justify legitimately. There can only be one possible answer to this; you are being ripped off!! Scam artists have always been there and have always profited off the backs of others or off the naiveté of misinformed consumers. We will not allow that and will do whatever is necessary to protect the integrity and reputation of our brand. We cannot sit back and watch our brand being associated with complete scam artists out to make a quick buck and blow up your consoles.

We have it on good authority that fake chips are currently being promised for sale through these particular dealers and manufacturers who have lost the battle to innovate and therefore resort to working on this other stuff ;-). (Assuming they even manage to bring them to market in the next two weeks) Our warning to dealers, distributors and retail customers alike is be careful! We WILL NOT guarantee or support anything else but official OzXodus product. Buying fakes will be at your own risk!

We would like to thank all our loyal fans and distributors who have flooded our e-mail with advice and concern about this scam. We will be updating the list below of all scam artists. For accredited customers and distributors please see list on our site. We also invite all of you to report any suspicious dealers and fakes to fakes@OzXodus.com

On a lighter note, the Xenium has truly lived up to its billing as a revolutionary product. This must be some new record for how quickly a chip has made enough impact and noise to be copied, and honestly we take it as a compliment.. However, as we have said time and time again only one team can be first and only one team can be genuine and original, everything else is just second!

Take care and thanks for your loyalty and support.
Your team. The original
Team OzXodus

Known verified Scammers and/or fake stock to date :
Neil from www.evolutionmods.com
David France from www.dartimpex.com

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(January 24 04:04 GMT+1) - (direct link to article)
(Posted by:: HSDEMONZ)

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