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More news about the SmartXX *updated*
>> More news about the new SmartXX modchip (from the maker of PC-BioXX and NitroXX) has been released
Some new pictures showing the features:

Click image for full view

Picture of the SmartXX LDC screen: picture
Pictures of the SmartXX OS: picture1, picture2, picture3.

ETA for modchip: unknown
The official website has also been launched: http://www.smartxx.com

Update: From LabMaster/Elses on SmartXX forums[checkpoint-interactive.de] (translated from german to english - thx to CraiZE and Nuendo):
About the SmartXX & Xenium Story:

The Current SmartXX was originally as OZXCHIP II planned and like the name already points out that it was a development of the guys over at OZX with us.
Sadly while in development of the modchip we had our differences. Due to that fact, we separated and the developers toke the decision to either get a new partner or do the marketing on their own. But usually developers are bad sellers, so they tried to get a new partner, which they did.
Stupidly did they overlook that the guys of OZX still had access to old Sources (luckily buggy ones).
The development itself has gone further within this time and the modchip has been extremely changed from back then, where at the same time OZX thought what they could do with the old sources. As you can see, the result is the Joint venture of OZX and Team Xodus, whom are now using the old sources to create a new modchip called "Xenium"

There will be now 2 modchips, where both are from the same basis from the Developers of BioXX/NitroXX.
We can only hope for Xenium that they found capable people which were able to enhance from the old outdated sources. But as it seems from screenshots, it isn't the case. Those screenshots (except the background) are 1:1 identical, and that was our development status from October 2003.
To the Start of SmartXX we have to say that will be the blow in the modchip scene, i'm really awaiting it.

Here's another Statement why we released the information so late:
(The main reason can be read above)
1. We had to search for a new partner
2. After we discovered that the Guys over at OZX used our development parts, we had to change the hardware and made it secure. So it couldn't happen that Xenium would run the same Software as SmartXX.
3. At the moment the Flashram market almost dead, the prices climbed to 5 or 6 times compared to back then in October 2003. And at the moment is it almost impossible to acquire flashes of 4 or 8MB, and if you get one it will be delivering with a delay up to 8weeks or longer.

I hope this clears the whole Situation up.
(January 15 17:56 GMT+1) - (direct link to article)
(Posted by:: XanTium)

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