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SmartXX update
>> The SmartXX website has been update with lots of new info about this modchip.

First of all we found an expected release date for the modchip on the site:
February 2004

Also the feature list (not complete yet):
* Ultra Highspeed SysCon
* Language Select (English/German/French/Spanish)
* 4 MB BIOS support (max. 8MB)
* up to 40 differnt Bankconfigs
* Bank singel erase
* Load Flashes from HD and DVD-Drive
* AutoFitting of BIOS
* Auto Detect of BIOS Names
* Quickstart Buttons
* Backup EEprom
* Disaster EEprom
* Video mode change
* Game Region change
* DVD region
* Display HDD PW
* Unlock HDD
* Lock HDD
* Default BIOS Boot
* Auto Shutdown
* 128 MB Linux Auto-switch Support
* X-Display Support
* Dimmable Background Light
* Dimmable screen background
* Screensave function inside BIOS for not killing Plasma TV's
* Support of all Video-Modes and cables (even FULL! Conexant and Focus)
* Works on any XBox
* Live Detection Prevention with Crypt-Stealth Technology
* Customable Menue system

They also opened their IRC Channel:
Today we launched the official SmartXX Support channel. To reach it you need an IRC client (mIRC or Trillian).
Channel Name: #smartXX
Network: Quakenet

Link to recommended IRC clients: Mirc and Trillian

And they launched the so-called 'fightclub' where they compare the SmartXX versus "Prototype". You can find it under "specs" > "fightclub" ... or use this direct link (normally a framed window).

Official Site: http://www.smartxx.com
Official Forums: http://www.gamesx.de
(January 21 17:35 GMT+1) - (direct link to article)
(Posted by:: XanTium)

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