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Reply from OzXChip about Xenium-SmartXX link
>> We received this mail from OzXChip about news released by SmartXX earlier today(see):
The following statement has been issued by the former team members OzXChip in relation to the development of the Xenium:

Several months ago it was mentioned on the OzXChip forums that we were working on a new design called the OzXChip II that would deliver new levels of control, flexibility and upgradeability.
The relationship that was formed to develop the OzXChip II broke down due to diversities of opinion within the development team and the project was then aborted.
The core members of OzXChip who had originally created the OzXChip II design as far back as February 2003, then formed an alliance with Xodus to implement the technology into Xodus’ hardware and this has lead to the development of the Xenium and the formation of OzXodus.
The disbanding of the OzXChip II development team lead to an alternative device called SmartXX being developed. This group behind this alternative device has made claims on a German website as to the origin of the Xenium claiming it is based on “old sources”.

With the assistance of the Xodus’ development team, OzXChip have completely redesigned the software control system to allow for even greater flexibility and future improvements. With the very talented Xodus guys we have managed to develop a superior design in terms of both the hardware and software in a much shorter timeframe. The efficiency and professionalism of our new relationship as OzXodus is obvious with a ground-up redesign hitting the market so fast it has caused many waves.
We wish these former members of the old OzXChip II development team all the best with their latest project, we just hope that these members will come to realise that a project like the OzXChip II should have been fun, and not the disaster it turned out to be.
It is with great pleasure that OzXChip is able to finally bring our design to the market with our new partners in OzXodus, we are extremely confident that we can finally get down to doing what we do best and that is developing innovative new technology for your favourite console.
If the last month and a half are anything to go by you can be sure that OzXodus will continue to bring you innovation, professionalism and quality products.

The Xenium is here and is out ;-), the OzXChip II is not. The only historical link and parallel that is relevant today is that the name OzX was associated with the original design and that name is also part of our new design. We fail to see how we could “steal” or copy our own concept from ourselves. OzXChipII by OzXChip now OzXodus .. see our simple point ? Would there be a smartxx chip without OzXChipII ? ..hmm I wonder …As we have done, we suggest our friends look to the future and develop better, more innovative products for the consumer.
(January 16 04:21 GMT+1) - (direct link to article)
(Posted by:: XanTium)

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