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Evox-t becomes the official EvolutionX trainer group
>> From dootdoo on forums.xbox-scene.com:
The Max Trainer Team (mxt) has decided to expand their operation to cover more of the xbox scene then before.

Max Trainers was initially formed by a group of individuals from the MaxConsole EvolutionX(info) Trainer forums, this group maintained their official ditribution through maxconsole's forums and web site (and xbins). In order to move ahead and open up the EvolutionX trainer scene to a larger audience, (mxt) has opted to not be affiliated with just one particular xbox forum.

Comments by dootdoo:
We as a team have realized that we have limited the scenes exposure to Evolution-X trainers by just supporting one forum.
Although the maxconsole.com forums (http://forums.maxconsole.com) has treated us well (we are greatly appreciative) we will actively be watching the appropriate forums on X-S and on the official Evolution-X Forums (http://forums.evolutionx.info). In order to make ourselves forum independent, we have opted to change our name to Evox-T (Evolution-X Trainers).

In other developments, we have also been selected as the official trainer group by Team EvolutionX, which should allow us to bring bigger and better trainers.

We are also in search of more dedicated trainer writers to join our ranks.

Same crew (acidflash, goku, angelfly, ddh, and dootdoo), different name, same purpose..

Official Site: http://www.evolutionx.info and http://trainers.evolutionx.info
(February 16 15:29 GMT+1) - (direct link to article)
(Posted by:: XanTium)

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