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>> I think this is the first port from Xbox to PC (Windows).
Some people of the XboxMediaCenter(info) crew have ported their program to PC. This does of course NOT mean any end to XBMC for Xbox whatsoever!

You can find more information about it in this forum thread[xboxmediaplayer.de].
There have been already several 'test' releases the last few days. The last release is 'XBMC_PC 12-04-2004_2'. Changelog of this release:
* general : fixed : fullscreen mode
* general : added : auto hide mouse cursor
* setup : fixed : added option to select internal or external movie player
* my mymusic : fixed : retrieving album art didnt load all tracks
* my mymusic : fixed : retrieving album art didnt work for some albums
* my mymusic : fixed : double albums if album was located in multiple folders
* general : fixed : nasty scaling bug in the skin engine
* general : added : onscreen keyboard
* my mymusic : added : save playlist to .m3u playlist
* my video : added : manual imdb
* my pictures : added : seperate view/sort settings for root shares & folders
* Also last minute addition is calibration.
Default is a pixelratio if 1.
So on LCD monitors it will all look fine.
* But on TV's 4:3 or 16:9 you need to calibrate.
The square you will see during one of the calibration steps should be peerfectly square. Measure with a ruler.
* This correction is applied on pictures, thumbnails etc.
I think it is not yet used on video

Official Site: http://www.xboxmediacenter.com
Download 'XBMC_PC 12-04-2004_2': here
Thanks to wabid for the news.
(April 13 19:07 GMT+1) - (direct link to article)
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