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Xbox v1.6 is here ... first pictures and analyse! *updated*
>> booyeah on the xbox-scene forums bought a new Xbox console today and he's the first one reporting to us with the new xcalibur videochip.
It was already reported some time ago a new xbox videochip would be used in new xboxes (thought to appear first in the crystal LE Xbox ... but apparently all those were still v1.4 (Focus videochip)).
But now that we saw the first pictures of this v1.6 apparently much more changed then just the videochip ... it's basicly a total new board design. (LCP is still there but with point #4 open ...). "D0" ('force boot from LPC' ... eventually called differently on this new board) probably also moved as the "D0-area" totally changed.
It looks like it won't be possible to put an extra 64MB ram anymore as the extra places to solder these chips have changed.
Also ... it looks like there's no onboard TSOP anymore. The BIOS chip might have become a (read-only) controller chip (that rectangle "Xyclops" labeled chip above the LPC?) or maybe they placed the TSOP on the back of the motherboard now. It's all just a guess rigth now ... we don't have any confirmed info yet.

Here are some specifications of Booyeah's v1.6 Xbox:
DVD-drive: Philips
Kernel build: 1.00.5838.01
Dashboard build: 1.00.5659.03
Manufacture Date: 2004-03-22

It's unknown at this moment if there is extra or new security. This Xbox will (probably) require a new bios (with support for the new xcalibur videochip) and maybe more.
More news will be posted here when we have it ...

Here are the pictures taken by booyeah and posted by pascar 802.11 on our forums. Thanks goes to them!



Watch the High Resolution pictures of the motherboard here:
picture1 - picture2 - picture3

More on forums.xbox-scene.com
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