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ShALLaX's Gentoox will carry on
>> From ShALLaX on gentoox.shallax.com:
Gentoox will carry on.

The number of emails and IRC messages I've gotten about the future of Gentoox has been overwhelming. People seem to like the way Gentoox is structured and that you dont have to install everything yourself in the Home edition. This is something that an official version of Gentoo for the Xbox will never provide simply because its not "the Gentoo way".

Thank you to everyone who has shown their support!

On a darker note, I have promised myself that I'll never go back to the official #Xbox-Linux IRC channel because of certain developers (I dont want to name names, but I'm sure they know who they are). For the past 6 months, they've made my existance a misery, I absolutely don't need that. The project lead is powerless to help since he prefers to avoid all politics (not that I blame him). So, to avoid further confrontation and to allow the Xbox-Linux project to be productive again, I can now only be reached on irc.freenode.net in #Gentoox from now on. I know this is going to give satisfaction to them, but its for the best.
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