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Gentoox project 'stolen'
>> From ShALLaX on gentoox.shallax.com:
Quote from Edschouten on Gentoo.org forums:
Well, I guess there is no need for that howto of mine anymore, because Xbox is going official (if everything goes well). Look at this thread for more info:
Gimli, chrb and me were mailed if we'd like to do the Xbox part.
We're going to release bootcd's and kernel sources soon, so you guys can begin installing Gentoo on your Xboxen

So Gentoo fire me... to let someone else do the work... because I'm in exam season? The more ironic part is that Gimli (as most of you probably know) is the maintainer of Xebian(info).

If this happens, theres no point in me carrying on.
(May 27 04:34 GMT+1) - (direct link to article)
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