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Modchip.ca no longer official Xenium resellers.
>> From ozxodus.com:
FRAUDSTERS EXPOSED ! MODCHIP.CA no longer official Xenium resellers.

It has come to our attention that people are confused as to exactly what is happening regarding certain so called "respectable" sites selling fake chips. We had said earlier that we did not want to start a war with cloners and scam artists and for the main part that is still true BUT, when a supposed official reseller of ours starts to sell fake chips and tries to pass them off as authentic Xeniums we cannot and will not just sit back and keep quiet. It is one thing to openly sell "clones" but when you intentionally pass off fake chips as originals you are not only a blatant thief but a fraud and a downright criminal.

MODCHIP.CA is one such site and is the first that we have verified as a fraud. We can confirm that they did have original stock bought from us officially but they have not since re-ordered from us and are therefore willingly and knowingly selling "fakes" and passing them off as originals. WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS and are extremely angry and disgusted at the audacity and cheek of such criminals to defraud you. What disgusts us is that these greedy, money hungry, thieves will go so far as to LIE to you and claim total innocence as if they did not know what they were buying. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE. What really makes us wonder is how many other times this has been done by these thieves or how many other products they are passing off as "originals" to unsuspecting customers? (is anything sold by these guys authentic?) Fraud is a serious and punishable offence and we cannot sit back and let it continue.

We apologise for this long post but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We urge all of you that have bought any fakes to report to us immediately and we will assist you in any way we can. Claim your money back and refuse any exchange. We will direct you to a proper and professional business. We WILL NOT SUPPLY these guys any more and until WE SAY SO, they will NEVER stock official OzXodus products. We do not and will not support FRAUDSTERS!!
(March 24 23:06 GMT+1) - (direct link to article)
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