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Gentoox: Gentoo and Xbox v1.6 news *updated*
>> Some news of the last few days from ShALLaX on gentoox.shallax.com:
* No longer a Gentoo developer.
[23:51] avenj: ping
[23:51] ShALLaX: pong
[23:55] avenj: we're going to cut you loose from the project due to inactivity
[23:55] * ShALLaX shrugs
[23:55] ShALLaX: suit yourself
[23:55] ShALLaX: inactivity in your eyes
[23:56] ShALLaX: bearing in mind that I dont use portage because I was told not to to start with
[23:58] ShALLaX: I'll continue to work alone as I always have done.

Well, at least they finished the way they started, I got no support from the beginning right up until the end. If I'm inactive its because they originally refused to have anything to do with me, yet still made me a dev. This is the whole reason I invented "magic" because they would not let me put patches on portage. Now they're suddenly asking me to do so. I told them I'd consider it after my exams are over (which start Monday), but they apparently can't even wait 9 days.
I'm not even sure HOW I'm inactive since I'm always providing updates etc...
A year of working on this project and I'm kicked just like that. It's not so much a problem though, since no one helped me anyway... the only issue I can see is them releasing an "official" Xbox Gentoo which will probably kill Gentoox off.
Also, that was the only correspondance I got, no proper explanation, no chance to refute. Seems even they dont appreciate I work for free and have an actual life outside of this project.
Seems I dont have anything to worry about, they'd rather kick me and not have a Gentoo Xbox at all than keep me and the distro:

--- Additional Comments From avenj@gentoo.org 2004-05-14 16:23 PST ---
Shallax is no longer on the development team and we currently are not supporting a XBox port as part of Gentoo proper.

I hope the GentooX port continues to be productive and successful.
[Well you sure ain't helping, honestly, that's like decapitating me then saying "I hope you survive." -- ShALLaX]

* Xbox v1.6 is here!
Yep, its here. Just having a look around it now... it looks so bare and empty inside now without the extra ram slots and the missing tsop, hehe. I need to get this thing modded!
Of course, there are no expenses spared here, so here are some ultra high quality pictures of the board ;)
I cant soft mod this, since it needs US/NTSC discs, so I'm going to need a modchip. Keep watching for updates :o. Thanks again to Sinister Elf from xbox100.com for this much needed donation!
Well, it seems the SmartXX diagram for "repairing" the missing LPC traces is incomplete, not to mention the d0 doesnt work at all. So I've just wasted about an hour or so soldering then desoldering. At least the box still works, though! ;). I guess I'll have to wait since modding the v1.6 is still in its infancy, and because of all the political bullshit surrounding modchip makers, no one is willing to share information with me... I thought we were meant to unite at such a time? Oh well.
*Update 2*
Seems that this LPC diagram is for SmartXXs only, sorry! ;)

Official Site: http://gentoox.shallax.com/
(May 15 13:52 GMT+1) - (direct link to article)
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