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SmartXX-OS Violationing GPL?
>> From oz_paulb (paulb) on forums.xbox-scene.com:
I've previously asserted that SmartXX's "OS" contains GPL'd code (lots of code taken from Cromwell(info) (Xbox-Linux project)). I've been asked to document what I believe to be GPL'd code, which I am happy to do.

First of all, SmartXX 'encrypts' their code, making it more difficult for others to determine whether/not it's based on the existing GPL'd Cromwell. I thought that as a first step, I'd post an application that takes a SmartXX "update" image (example: "update_3311.bin"), and generates a decrypted binary image suitable for disassembly in something like IDA Pro (what I use for disassembly).

After this initial post, I'll make a post with the source code to an app that'll decrypt the SmartXX "update_XXXX.bin" files.
My decryptor app compiles using "Cygwin" on a PC (Cygwin is a unix-like environment for Windows). I assume it'll also compile on MinGW (another unix-like environment), Linux, and as a "console application" under Visual C.
After I've uploaded the decryptor app, I'll post some details of specific code in the decrypted SmartXX "OS" that (to me) seems to be a clear violation of the GPL license. Others can judge for themselves and confirm what I think (or, let me know that I'm wrong).

SmartXX OS and GPL
I believe that the SmartXX OS is in violation of the GPL, as it is heavily based on the Cromwell project (which has been released under the GPL license).
In the past, others have requested from SmartXX that they release the source (because it's GPL). Franz claims that, although much of the code comes from Cromwell, it's not GPL'd because he is the original author that contributed it to Cromwell. If this were the case (Franz being the author of the GPL'd Cromwell code), then it would be OK for SmartXX to do whatever they want with the code that they've authored. In fact, Franz is the author of lots of Cromwell's code (or lots of re-writes of Cromwell code).
But, I assert that SmartXX OS contains code written by people other than Franz (myself included), which I'm sure SmartXX didn't receive a separate license to. I'll try to prove that later in this thread.

You can find the sourcecode and exe of decryptor + more info on this thread.
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